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The story behind Imperfectly Amazing...

At one time, my life was exactly how it “should” be. My family looked as it should, my job paid what it should, and life unfolded as it should. Until one day, when I arrived home from my “shouldful” job and got my daughter out of the car, she asked me, “Why does your face do this?” and demonstrated a scrunched face.

I didn’t even realize I had “resting misery face” and was really taken aback. I started thinking about how even though things were as they “should” be, they weren’t honoring me. My job was extremely toxic, and I was so stressed that my hair was falling out! My relationship wasn’t working, but I quietly forged on for the sake of the family. With this stress level, I had very little enjoyment in my life and was just going through the motions.

This one comment from my baby girl struck such an aha moment for me that I started to re-evaluate my entire life. I began making changes that honored me. I stopped being the woman I was told to be and became the woman I was meant to be. I followed my passions, and I found the bliss of living a joyful life!

And now I want to help you transform your life. Stop doing what you “should” do and, instead, connect to your heart to have the imperfectly amazing life you love!

Love, Kaluwa ♥


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