Avoid the healing loop


If you want to heal the world, you have to heal your heart.

Being a Changemaker requires you to do the real work, but the payoffs are amazing!

Just don’t get caught in the healing loop. Learn more in the video below.

I’ve also included below, The Diamond Perspectives Panel on How to Deal with Life Balance. It was a great discussion with some valuable insights. What are your thoughts?

Today is the final day to register for the Autumn Equinox Women’s Circle happening this Saturday. Let me know if you’d like to join us for some ceremony and magic to step into the final full season of the year.

You still have through the end of September to book your Autumn Equinox Guidance & Reading at the special 1/2 off rate. I want you to have access to this amazing service that gives you direction and freedom.

Here’s what’s been said about them:
“Kaluwa gives amazing energy readings. They are invigorating and give you ideas about where to focus your time, energy, and attention in your business and life during this next time period”

“very relaxing atmosphere maintained virtually, Kaluwa was very present, both mentally and in the heart, during the session; genuinely cares about the results and presenting a full-spectrum interpretation”

Reply/ reach out to me if you’d like to learn more.

I <3 U, I C U, I believe in U!

Be Amazing,

I want every woman to know the feeling of empowerment. Here are some ways I’m supporting you to step into the worthy, intuitive, divine feminine Goddess version of you.

Breakthrough or Bust – sharing stories to inspire you to push through to your breakthrough because there’s a spark in you. Listen for free on your favorite podcast directory or watch on YouTube

Oh Shift! Here We Grow – Weekly healing & activities along with daily text affirmations to clear the blocks to your transformation. Join the group

Feminine Power in 30 Days – step into your power with joy and ease. Become the Goddess that already has everything you desire in 30 days with quick and simple, but powerfully healing activities that you can do in about 15 minutes a day with this online course. Learn more at 30dayfemininepower.com

The Desire Academy – empowering Changemakers and visionaries to have the life & business you crave. Your voice is needed in this world, but you often find yourself doubting your abilities or running on empty. It’s time to overflow your cup in this group/ individual coaching program where you’ll get clarity, connect with your intuition and divine feminine, and empower yourself to be the Goddess version of you that creates and attracts abundance with ease and pleasure, and makes the impact you’ve always dreamed of.

Learn more and sign up at TheDesireAcademy.com

Breakthrough Consults and Individual Coaching are also available

Set up a call with me HERE to see what feels right for you <3

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