Imperfectly Amazing: Are you setting the right intentions?

This morning we discussed the quality of your goals or intentions, and how to connect with them intuitively. This is so important because when you think about your goals you should want to shout “hell, yes!”. If it’s not a hell, yes then it’s a no. The magic happens when you bring the emotion to your goals.

If you’re ready to start working on yours, I have 2 opportunities coming up. 

1 – This Friday is the monthly Crave meeting where we’ll be diving into the topic of intention or goal creation coupled with the natural energy that is all around you right now, so you can add power for amazing results. Reach out to find out about joining the Crave program.

2 – The Success Worthiness Virtual Retreat is happening on Oct 24!! This is going to be a half-day with me where we walk the talk of connecting to intuition, releasing resistance, and manifesting like a Queen the income you desire doing the work you love while living a life of joy!! This will be a powerful experience that will guide you to step into your power. Learn more and sign up at

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