Imperfectly Amazing: Positive Acceptance

Phew, the energy of this moon is hitting me hard, and today’s divine guidance seems right on target (watch the video) There’s a new moon, a new lunar year, and Imbolc happening now.

We’re being given a lot of opportunity for healing, but sometimes that gets uncomfortable

How are you doing?

A couple of reminders – this Friday is the newly added Crave Club movement experience. It’s going to be an absolutely perfect time to process everything we’re experiencing right now. Contact me or to learn more.

Then, the Clarity Party has been moved up a week to accommodate my travel schedule. But, as always there are no accidents. This is a powerful time for some divine guidance. Contact me to learn more.

Lastly, I won’t be going live next week while I’m away. I’ll catch you again on Wednesday February 16 at 9:30am on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube for guidance and inspiration. You can comment and even get your questions answered.

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