My work paid off!!



As expected, Winter has been incredibly reflective for me, but one of the biggest lessons has been about perspective and eliminating the stories I’ve created that don’t serve me at all.

The old experiences that created beliefs within me so long ago went on to shape my future behaviors as a way of protecting myself. Yet, I was actually holding myself down, feeling unworthy, and not embracing the sense of power I had done so much work towards achieving.

I found this came up the most when I was out of my “bubble”, and because I was listening and reflecting on the lesson that Winter was delivering, I became really intentional to change the narrative every time it came up. To remind myself, that the old story is no longer my story, and I get to experience a brand new beginning ALL THE TIME!

Yesterday, I received a picture from an event I was attending where I was really practicing this lesson. Looking at that picture. I feel like the work I did paid off!

Your transformation opportunities are showing up every day. Are you ready to grab them?

Here are some of the ones happening this month

New Moon Reading – Friday 3/8 at 12p E

What I love about setting aside time at the
New & Full Moons is that I get to be so intentional, but
also fluid. By consciously tapping into the energy
around me and within me, I make the shifts needed to
stay in alignment instead of getting stuck trying to force
something that’s no longer meant for me.

Would you like to try it out?

Visit a Moon Reading as a guest using the FORM
 or join the Luna or Gaia Level of Oh Shift! Here We Grow to have access
every month HERE

Spring Equinox/ Full Moon Celebration & Reading – Friday 3/22 at 12p E

It’s time to bring things to life again with the
Spring Equinox/ Ostara & a Spring Full Moon. We’ll
gather, celebrate, discuss the energy shift and how to
apply it to your intentions, and have a reading for

This is an open invitation celebration! Invite the people
that you think would enjoy HERE

Ostara Workshop – Saturdays 4/6 & 4/13 at 3p E

This is where you walk the talk. It’s one thing to learn about the seasonal energy, but the workshops are where you apply it. 

You’ll prepare your body, mind and soul for the Spring rebirth, so you will intentionally create your desires.

This is available to the Gaia Level of Oh Shift! Here We Grow (join HERE), or you can join as a guest for $99 (reply to be added to the list)

When you sign up for the Gaia Level of Oh Shift! Here We Grow, you receive a private reading as a gift. Spring is an amazing time to take advantage of a private reading!

I wish you so much love as you prepare for the season and energy shift, and as always, reach out if I can be of support

I👁U, I❤U, I 🐝🍁 IN U

Be Amazing,

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