One line changed everything!

Hey there!

I am allowing myself to be guided without resistance in my best direction
Say it again

That’s the affirmation that was text in Oh Shift! Here We Grow that knocked me off my feet and changed everything.
I was holding on too tightly to something that wasn’t working, so I let go.

Now the changes that have followed are rolling in furiously like waves, and yet feel amazing.

I began talking about these changes in this week’s episode of Breakthrough or Bust below.

This is all just the beginning of owning my power, and that energy is lining up for you too!!

You’re invited to join me for a New Moon Check-In Reading this Friday 8/18 at 12:15p E/ 11:15a C to get clarity and explore what areas in your life are ready to be empowered.

The offering for the reading is $20. Reply to this email to learn more or get scheduled (a recording will be available)

I👁U, I❤U, I 🐝🍁 IN U

Be Amazing,

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