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Feminine Power in 30 Days

Step into your power with joy and ease. Become the Goddess that already has everything you desire in 30 Days with quick and simple, but powerfully healing activities that you can do in about 15 minutes a day.

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The Desire Academy

You may have noticed that you think and feel differently than others, and may have always made yourself wrong for that, but your uniqueness is exactly what this world needs. You’ve been called to be a Changemaker.

As a Changemaker, you lead with your heart, but can find yourself running on empty, overwhelmed, feeling like you’re doing all the right things, but not getting the results you desire.

Here’s the thing, most Changemakers are sensitives, or empaths, which basically means you feel all the energy around you. Ever walk into a crowded room and feel everyone’s emotions?

You grew up in a world that didn’t know how to support you. So, you made adjustments, and did just fine, but you don’t want to do just fine anymore, you want to be amazing and live the life you desire. In order for that to happen, you’ll want to heal the unprocessed feelings, outdated beliefs, and habits you’ve created to survive.

This is where it begins. In this hybrid (group & individual) healing and guidance program  you’ll heal yourself, learn to heal others, get clarity on your desires, connect with your intuition and divine feminine qualities, and empower yourself to be the Goddess version of you that creates and attracts everything you desire with ease and pleasure.

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Oh Shift! Here We Grow

Your energetic support system in a busy world

* daily channeled affirmations text to you

* weekly updates and explanations of the energies at play and how you can work with them to fully live a life of ease and joy streamed live and text replay

* quarterly in person get togethers/ readings to celebrate the season changes

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Breakthrough Consults or Individual Coaching

Sometimes you just need some insight or clarity. Join me in a one off breakthrough consult where we discuss your challenge and tap into the energy surrounding you for some guidance.


when you’re ready to transcend to your next level, personalized coaching will help you transform into the best version of you without feeling stressed, unsure, and frustrated. There’s not one health, lifestyle, relationship or business solution for everyone. Discover what’s right for you with customized sessions and loving accountability.

Find peace, confidence, and joy so you can be imperfectly amazing!

What our coaching clients say...

I knew the direction I wanted to take, and one month later I was able to share that my goals, actually my dreams, were coming true.
Crave Program
A nurturing, listening ear to your health and personal goals. Kaluwa then offers gentle encouragement with a solid plan and clear recommendations, products and information to help you achieve those goals.
Individual Coaching
I often feel like I’m too “woo woo” for some people but I’ve learned I’m different and that is okay - sometimes we need different. Thank you for being a safe place. Thank you for leading with your heart.
Business Boost Program
What has changed for me since beginning the program has been my relationship with money. I learned that there is more where that came from, and when I became more consistent in believing that, then there really was more where that came from! Now I don’t stress like I used to.
Crave Program
"It's a fantastic program to help your business grow in very simple steps, Kaluwa is AMAZING, and there is accountability in the group"
Business Boost Program
Business Boost Program

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